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Solution overview

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ProvisionGenie 💜 Microsoft Graph! Our entire provision process leverages the power of Microsoft Graph API and we plan to continue with this in future versions with extended use cases. Learn more about Microsoft Graph.

The only exception to that is triggering the creation of the Notebook of the SharePoint site that backs the Team. Usually, this happens when a user selects the Notebook in SharePoint for the very first time - but we wanted to add this Notebook as a tab to the channel General without needing a user to interact. We use the SharePoint API to achieve this.

ProvisionGenie loves Microsoft Graph

To understand why we chose this set of services, head over to Architecture Decisions

Based on user input in the canvas app, ProvisionGenie logs team requests. Each new row in the Teams Request table will trigger the Main flow in Azure Logic Apps, which will then handle all other child flows:

solution overview

To get a deeper understanding of the emtire data model of ProvisionGenie head over to Dataverse Overview