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1. Register application in Azure AD

To access the Dataverse tables that you will import in step 2, you will first need to register an application an Azure AD.

  • Open Azure cloud shell at

    This guide assumes the use of a PowerShell environment.

  • Clone the git repository to Azure Cloud Shell git clone
  • Change the working directory to the ProvisionGenie/Deployment/Scripts folder
    • cd ./ProvisionGenie/Deployment/Scripts
  • Run the script ./Create-AadAppRegistration.ps1

    Note that this will create the AAD App Registration in the AAD tenant for current subscription with the name ProvisionGenieApp. If you wish to target another subscription or provide a custom name then optional parameters are available ./Create-AadAppRegistration.ps1 -SubscriptionId "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" -AadAppName MyCustomAadAppName

Also you will need the URL of your Microsoft 365 tenant. You can obtain this value like this:

  • Open
  • Sign into the tenant you want to deploy ProvisionGenie in
  • Select the SharePoint icon
  • From the URL that should look like this https://<your-tenant-name-here> take this part: https://<your-tenant-name-here> and save it somewhere, you will need it later.

Next step is to obtain your Azure tenant id from the Azure portal - save it somewhere, you will need it later.