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Design Guide

You could run ProvisionGenie as a standalone app in browser or on mobile, but we highly recommend using it as intended as a personal app in Microsoft Teams. Requesting a team being in its context makes sense as it reduces task-switching but maintains people's focus. Staying in the flow your work is crucial for productivity and ProvisionGenie aims to support this.

Design principles

To increase the look and feel of Teams, we strongly followed the Teams app design principles

  • Native: the app uses native Teams design components and blends into Microsoft Teams UI
  • Well described: text, icons, and images make it clear what the is for and how to use it
  • Easy to use: based on a scenario people need to do in Teams
  • Globally inclusive: people of all backgrounds, skillsets and disciplines can use the app. It's culturally and socially aware
  • Accessible: the app meets Teams accessibility requirements in terms of color contrast, navigation alternatives, and more


We provide all three themes that are present in Microsoft Teams as well:

  • default
  • dark mode
  • high contrast mode

The app will automatically be displayed in the theme of that is currently selected in Teams, but users can override this setting in the UI.